Make It Possible To Get Rid Of Keloids

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Anybody suffering from Keloids want them to disappear within a second. A Keloid forms due to the abnormal growth of the skin tissue. Keloids sometimes differ in shape, color, and texture but still it is itchy and painful. Most of the doctors think that science has certainly not understood the Keloids till now and that is one of the reasons why there is no absolute cure available for treatment of the disease. It is one of the skin problems that are very difficult to treat. Even a professional dermatologist will not guarantee you the removal of a Keloid. However, the optimistic approach is that Keloid can be flattened to zero level. A scar will remain there but very fade and you will not feel any irritation. There are different ways to remove Keloids. Some of the best ways to flatten the Keloid are as below:

How to Get Rid Of Keloids Make It Possible To Get Rid Of KeloidsSilicone sheets

There is a type of silicone sheet available in the market. The major purpose of this sheet is to keep a close contact between the Keloid and the cream that is used to treat the Keloid. These sheets will not be of any use to you if you do not have any cream or ointment to treat the Keloid. You can find a number of creams in the market that claim to be the best treatment of the Keloids but never trust any of these without proper consultation of the doctor.

Steroid injection

Another way to treat the Keloid or Keloid scar is to use steroid injection. These steroids certainly control the size of the scar. This treatment is especially effective when your Keloid scar is increasing in size with every day passing. In such scenarios, steroids will be of great use. However, there are some issues related to side effects of these steroids. You must not use any of the steroid without learning its side effects and the necessary precautions that can save you from several disadvantages and side effects of the medicines.

Skin prick

Pricking the skin is another method to remove the Keloid. It is one of the most painful methods yet enough effective. You need to consult a professional surgeon if you want to undergo a skin prick. The surgeon will cut the specific part using the laser technology or surgery tools.

Topical creams

These creams work exclusively by damaging the excessive tissues of the Keloid. In this way, the overgrown part of the skin is eliminated but a scar remains there. You must know that it is almost impossible to completely get rid of the Keloid and its scars but you can use differnet medicines and creams to dull the color of the scar.

Redness of the scar can be reduced dramatically using herbal creams. Do not opt for the surgery if Keloid is not of large size and can be treated using medicines and ointments. It is better if you start treating the Keloid at its early stages. However, surgery is the ultimate treatment if the Keloid cannot be treated through medicines.

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